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Product Code Description  
AV7000   Cable Electronics® AV700 Distribution Amp  
SA-2050 In Line Amplifier (Slope Compensated)  


RK-10 RK-10 Foot C/Ku band Antenna with 24" Mount  
RK-10 RK-10 Foot C/Ku band Antenna with 36" Mount  
SM-12 SM-12 Foot C/Ku band Antenna with 36" Mount  
NPRM-10 Non Penetrating Roof Mount  
FC180CM 6 Foot (180 cm) Solid Prime Focus Antenna w/Polar Mount  
FM240CM 8 Foot (240 cm) Solid Prime Focus Antenna w/Polar Mount  
ANTF8 Antenna Feed Horn Replacement Cover   
FC80CM Fortec 80cm Offset Ku Antenna with Chaparral Universal Quad LNBF (free install kit included)  OUT OF STOCK  
FC100CM Fortec 100cm Offset Ku Antenna with Chaparral Universal Quad LNBF (free i  
FM120CM Fortec 120cm Offset Ku Antenna  


MA-710-18T  Venture 18" MiniT 600 lb weight load actuator  
MA-810-24  Venture 24" Maxi 1000 lb weight load actuator  
MA-818-36K  Venture 36" Maxi 1000 lb weight load actuator  
MA-818B36  Venture 36" Maxi -Ball Screw 1500 lb load actuator  
MA-818B24  Venture 24" Maxi - Ball Screw 1200 lb load actuator  
SupersensorII  Venture Reed Super Sensor Replacement Sensor  
SJReedPigtail  SuperJack  Pig Tail Reed Sensor  
SJReedPlugIn  SuperJack Plug In Reed Sensor  
V76-301  Von Weise Reed Sensors  DISCONTINUED ITEM  
AWB24  24" Actuator Weather Boot  
AWB18 18" Actuator Weather Boot  


SOLAR24 24" Solar Actuator  
SOALR36 36" Solar Actuator  


477MSN350 350' Reel Satellite Ribbon Cable  
477MSN500 500' Reel Satellite Ribbon Cable  
477MSN-K 1000' Reel Satellite Ribbon Cable  
477MSN-P Satellite Cable 100' Cut Length (metered)  
RG11U500 RG-11 500' Reels  


11-6870-62 Chaparral PR1E Adj Feed Horn  
11-1329-1 Chaparral Dual C Feed Horn  
11-5000-62  Chaparral CoRotor II +   C & Ku Feed Horn  
11-7128-62  Chaparral CoRotor II+ Wideband C/Ku Feed Horn  
11-3179-1  Chaparral Bullseye II Dual C/Ku Feed Horn  
0081  Chaparral Superfeed Single Polarity Feed  
11-7226-1  Chaparral MicroPak LNBF  
11-4871-1 Chaparral Ku Wideband Feed  
62-2301-1 Chaparral Ku Mount Plate  


VIEO3 Viewsat Ultra FTA Receiver  
VIE53 Viewsat Ultra LITE FTA Receiver  
VIEC1 Viewsat HD-MAX Hi-Def FTA Receiver  
VIE53 Viewsat PRO PVR  FTA Receiver  
VIEL3 Viewsat HD9000 Hi-Def FTA Receiver  
 VIEO3  Viewsat PVR 7000  FTA Receiver  
FORM3  Fortec Mercury II FTA Receiver   DISCONTINUED  
SV360E  Sonicview 360 Elite PVR FTA Receiver  
SV360P  Sonicview 360 Premier PVR FTA Receiver  


DCP90 90 cm Eliptical FTA Dish w/ LNB's  
FC100CM 100 cm Offset FTA Antenna w/ Quad LNBF, & Install Kit  
FM120 120 cm Offset FTA Antenna   OUT OF STOCK  


FSKUV Fortec Single Universal LNBF  
FSKU2V Fortec Dual Universal LNBF  DISCONTINUED  
P270 Linear Dual Ku LNBF  
BSC321S Standard Single Ku LNBF  
JSC322T Standard Dual Ku LNBF  
QPH-031 Invacom Circular/Linear Quad LNBF  
11-7210-1 Chaparral Universal Quad Ku LNBF  
11-7233-1 Chaparral Universal One Cable Quad LNBF  


50-MMMotor FTA Dish Motor  


FTASYST FTA System / Dish, Receiver, Standard Ku LNB  



11-7250-1 Chaparral 20° C-band LNB  
N8515 Norsat 8515 C-band LNB   Out of Stock  
N5150 Norsat 5150 C-band LNB  
N3220 Norsat 3220 Phase Lock Loop LNB  
LNBP6 Right Angle Elbow Bracket  
11-7226-1 Chaparral 3G MicroPak   LNBF  
2-770LSKU Aspen/Eagle .06 Ku LNB  
N4106 Norsat 4106 Ku LNB  
N1207HA Norsat 1207HA PLL Ku LNB  
DTV32D Dual Replacement LNB for Dish Network  
DTV32 Dual Replacement LNB for Direct TV  


OFF016 UHF HDTV Antenna with remote control  
DTV2BUHF UHF Television Antenna for Digital & Analog Reception  


UnidenSupra Uniden Supra UHF Analog C-band Satellite Receiver  
NCC500 Next Wave Analog C-band Satellite Receiver  
HDD200 Motorola HDD200  Line Doubler for 4DTV  


VSUSB 1 gig USB Flash Drive  
ScotchLocks Quick Connect Scotch Locks  
F56-PPC-50 PV Compression RG6 Connectors 50 count bag  
DiSEQC4X1 4 Input DiSEqC switch for FTA  
22KHzSwitch 22 KHz Indoor-Outdoor Switch /  Hook up Diagram  
COAXSEAL Coax Seal Waterproofing for F-Connectors  
F-81SPLICE F-81 High Performance Splice Connectors 10 count bag  
0061 Chaparral Feed Horn Cap  
LNBP06  Right Angle Elbow Bracket for offset LNBs  
62-71112-62  Chaparral Servo Motor  
62-2301-1 Chaparral Ku Mount Plate  
33-4875-1 Chaparral Dielectric Plate  



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